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Trading in these products will not be appropriate for everyone. We would normally expect the product to be used by persons who have a high risk tolerance and/or want to gain short-term exposure to financial instruments.

Over the past three years, how frequently have you traded the following products where you have made your own trade decisions?



Other leveraged products (e.g. warrants, futures, options)

Do you have good knowledge and understanding of trading derivatives and the relevant risks, particularly margin trading, due to:

Features and risks

Do you have a good understanding that:

Trading CFDs is different from other types of financial investments, and you do not own, or have any rights in, the underlying assets?

The concepts of margin and leverage apply to this account, which means that when you trade CFDs, you could lose substantially more than your initial deposit or margin payment and you might have to make further payments?

The concepts of volatility and market liquidity apply to trading on this account, which means that market circumstances may impact on pricing and on our ability to generate prices or to execute orders?

CFDs are traded on an online platform, which means you need to be familiar with using an online trading platform, including how to open and close a trading position?

It is your responsibility to monitor your CFD position and manage the risks of trading by using tools such as stop loss orders?

Appropriateness check

Investing in CMC Markets products carries significant risks and is not suitable for all investors. It is important that you have a sound understanding of the features and risks of trading in CMC Markets products before submitting an application to open a live account, and you may wish to seek independent advice.

Your responses provided indicate that, based on CMC Markets' policy, you meet our minimum qualification criteria for opening a CFD account however you have limited experience.

CMC Markets recommends that you gain further trading experience and understanding of trading on our platform, by opening a demo account and reviewing our educational material.

If you would still like to proceed with your account application, please check the box below to acknowledge that:

1. You have read and understood the Product Disclosure Statement – CMC Next Generation Platform;

2. You consider that you have a sound understanding of the features and risks of trading our products; and

3. You would like to continue with the application to open a live account on the platform.

I have read the above warning and still wish to proceed with my application. I also confirm that I accept the risks associated with investing in CMC Markets products, which have been explained to me in the Risk Warning Notice.

Based on the answers you have provided, you will need to complete a knowledge test to demonstrate your understanding of CFDs before you can trade.

Appropriateness check

Based on the information you have provided us with during the application process on your knowledge, experience and financial standing, it is our opinion that you are unlikely to fully understand the risks involved and the potential financial costs to you, when investing in Contracts for Difference (“CFDs”) and as such they may not be appropriate for you. Therefore we would recommend that you seriously consider whether you still wish to proceed with this application.

If after having considered this, you still wish to invest in CFDs we urge that you only do so after familiarising yourself with a the demo account available on our platform and reviewing our educational material and the Risk Warning Notice for CFDs. You may also wish to seek independent advice on this.

Please remember that CFDs are a leveraged product and carry a high level of risk to your capital as prices may move rapidly against you. It is possible to lose more than your initial investment and you may be required to make further payments. These products may not be suitable for all customers therefore you must ensure that you understand the risks.

If you still wish to continue with your application, please accept the declaration below by ticking the box. If you have any questions about the application documents then please do not hesitate to ask.

1. I will ensure that I will familiarise myself with the relevant products, the demo account and educational material beforehand and I will only proceed if I feel comfortable to do so

If you do not wish to continue with your application, please close this browser window.

Risk Warning

Understanding the Product

Before you open an account it is important that you read the Product Disclosure Statement, General Terms and Conditions of Trading, Risk Warning Notice, Financial Services Guide, platform Terms and Conditions of Trading and other associated documents (together “CMC Markets Documents”).

Please scroll down to ensure that you read the full risk warning notice.

Understanding the Risks

The most important thing you should know when trading with CMC Markets is that CMC Markets derivatives are complex products that carry a high degree of risk ('Products'). They may not be suitable for every investor. Because of this, it's up to you to decide whether or not you're comfortable trading, and you shouldn't trade Products without understanding the risks involved. If you're in any doubt, it's important that you seek independent professional advice.

CMC Markets Products are issued by CMC Markets NZ Limited (referred to below as "CMC Markets", "we", "us" or "our").

Below are some of the risks of trading with us. Our Risk Warning Notice contains more detailed information about the risks and you should make sure you read it before opening an account or trading with us.

Please click on each risk to read more about it.

  1. Leverage

    With CFDs, you may choose to cover only a small percentage (or margin) of the total value of the underlying asset in order to secure a position. This means you are able to take a larger position than your capital otherwise would enable you to. For example, if you buy $1,000 worth of XYZ CFDs that have a margin rate of 5%, you only need to provide margin of $50 to open the position. However, your exposure to the market (or risk) is the same as if you’d purchased $1,000 worth of shares at face value. This means that any move in the market will have a greater effect on your capital than if you had purchased the same value of shares. The higher the leverage the greater the impact that market fluctuations will have on your profits and losses. Consequently, the higher the leverage, the higher the risk involved.

  2. CMC Markets does not give personal advice

    Information we provide is general information only. Accordingly, before applying to trade with us, you must consider your objectives, financial situation and needs and the significant risk of loss which accompanies the prospects of profit associated with trading Products. We recommend you read our CMC Markets Documents carefully and obtain independent financial, taxation and other professional advice concerning the CMC Markets Documents before you apply to open an Account with us. We can’t guarantee specific results from trading Products.

  3. You’re not buying or trading the underlying asset

    When entering into trades with CMC Markets you are entering into a contract with CMC Markets that could result in either a benefit or a loss from either rising or falling prices. While the price of the Product usually mimics the price of the underlying asset, this isn’t always the case. You need to be aware that you’re not buying the underlying asset. We provide Products on a range of underlying assets including shares, commodities, foreign exchange and indices.

  4. You can lose more than your initial deposit

    When you trade CFDs you may provide a small percentage of your total exposure, in the form of margin. However, your total profit and loss potential is much greater than the amount of margin that you pay. So, if you buy $1,000 worth of XYZ CFDs with a margin rate of 5%, you only need to provide margin of $50 to open the position. If the position moves against you by 10%, you will lose $100 – double your initial deposit.

    Depending on the CFD trades you’ve opened, and how long they are open for, we may require you to pay holding costs. You’ll incur these holding costs on a daily basis when you keep CFDs on certain underlying assets open overnight. In some cases the aggregate of these holding costs may exceed the amount of any profits or significantly increase losses.

  5. Risk of close-out

    At all times, your account revaluation amount must stay above the close-out level for your account otherwise all your positions may be closed. However, we do not guarantee such closure and you must not rely on it. It is your responsibility to monitor your positions closely and you will be able to monitor your account value and account revaluation amount through the platform. Closely monitoring your positions is very important because you might need to make immediate additional margin payments to avoid a close-out by the platform. To prevent closure of your positions, you should deposit a sufficient amount of money into your account to cover any potential losses or costs from your trades. It is important to note that even an amount that you previously deposited and which appeared to be more than sufficient at the time, can very quickly become insufficient due to rapidly changing market conditions.

  6. Counterparty risk

    A counterparty is the person or company on the other side of a financial transaction. When you take a position, you’re buying a contract issued by us, and as a result we are your counterparty in the transaction. There is a risk that, as the counterparty to the trade, we may fail to fulfil our obligations to you. This may be because we, or one of our own counterparties (such as our hedge provider), fall into financial difficulties. The names of our Hedging Counterparties are shown on our Website under the “Important Information” section.

  7. Client money risk

    All client money held by CMC Markets is fully segregated. This means that all client money is held in a segregated trust account, separate from our own money. Client money is deposited into this account either on the day it’s received or owed to you, or on the next business day. As soon as that money is deposited into that account, it is protected.

    Client money is not used for the purpose of meeting obligations incurred by us when hedging with counterparties or to meet the trading obligations of other clients. Client money on deposit with CMC Markets is held in a separate trust account established, maintained and operated in accordance with conditions of CMC Markets’ market services licence. This means that client moneys are protected.

    However, until your realised and unrealised profits are moved into the segregated trust account (which occurs on a daily basis), they are not protected in the same way.

  8. CMC Markets Products are over-the-counter (OTC) derivatives

    When you enter into any trade with us through our platform, you will be entering into an off-exchange (sometimes known as an over-the-counter, or ‘OTC’) derivative, which is non-transferable. This means you will enter into trades directly with us, and also that those trades (or ‘positions’) can only be closed with us. This involves greater risk than investing in a financial instrument such as a share which is transferable, or dealing in an exchange-traded derivative, because your ability to open and close trades is dependent on our platform being in a position to accept orders from you and to execute them. This also means that you are trading directly with us and not through an exchange such as the ASX. Therefore, you don’t gain the benefits associated with trading through a licensed market (such as having a central clearing house guarantee our obligations to you).

  9. Different Products pose different risks

    We offer numerous Products, which are derived from very different Underlying Reference Instruments. Each of these products poses specific risks which can differ widely from other products. Therefore, you should ensure that you understand the specific risks of a Product before you open a Trade on that Product.

    For example, cryptocurrencies, which are generally unregulated in themselves, are high-risk, speculative investments, which will impact any cryptocurrency CFD trade that you enter with us. The value of cryptocurrencies, and therefore the value of any CFD trade linked to them, is extremely volatile. You should only invest in cryptocurrency CFD trades if you consider that you have the knowledge and experience of, and fully understand the risks associated with, both CFDs and cryptocurrencies.

  10. Market volatility

    The ability of our platform to generate prices and execute orders is dependent on the availability of prices and liquidity in the exchanges, markets and other venues from which we gather data. In addition, because we maintain our own financial stability by hedging with other counterparties, we may be unable to execute your orders where we cannot enter into a corresponding transaction to hedge our own risk (for example, due to the activities of an issuer of shares to which your trades relate, which can sometimes restrict the market liquidity in those shares). Therefore, market circumstances may impact on your ability to place an order or close a trade with us. In contrast, if we enter into a corresponding transaction, to hedge our risk, this may have an influence on the underlying market conditions and consequently also on the prices we quote on the platform and your account.

    Financial markets may fluctuate rapidly and prices of our Products are no exception. Any movements in our prices will have a direct effect on your account. One form of price volatility that can happen regularly is called gapping. This occurs where there is a sudden shift in price from one level to another. This can be caused, for example, by unexpected economic events or market announcements, particularly where these occur outside trading hours. There may not always be an opportunity for you to place an order between the two price levels, or for the platform to execute an open order at a price between those two levels. Certain markets also have limited trading hours which can impose a significant risk to your ability to place orders and close transactions.

  11. Technical risks and other circumstances may affect your transactions

    There is a risk that other circumstances may prevent us from executing orders, or prevent you from accessing our platform. These include, for example, system errors and outages, maintenance periods, internet connectivity issues and failures of third parties on whom you or we are dependent (for example, internet service providers or electricity companies). We have business continuity measures in place to deal with some of these issues, but in some circumstances you may not be able to access the platform. These technical risks and other circumstances can pose a significant risk to your ability to place orders and close transactions.

  12. Limitations of features and third party content

    The accuracy, completeness and availability of any features or third party content (including market data and newsfeeds) available on our website, on our platform and in emails cannot be guaranteed, and they are provided on an "as is" and “if available” basis.

We will not be able to open an account for you based on the Source of Funds information you have provided.

Please ensure your information is entered correctly

IMPORTANT: This is your final opportunity to check and amend your application. Simply use the previous button if you wish to do so. When you're happy that all information is correct, please click on the Submit button. Your application will then be processed by CMC Markets.

By submitting this application to CMC Markets NZ Limited (‘CMC Markets’) electronically, you declare to CMC Markets that:

  1. You have read and understood the Product Disclosure Statement, General Terms and Conditions of Trading, Risk Warning Notice, Financial Services Guide, platform Terms and Conditions of Trading and other associated documents (together “CMC Markets Documents”).

  2. You acknowledge that the CMC Markets Documents constitute a contract between you and CMC Markets and this contract contains the terms of the agreement on which CMC Markets agrees to enter into trades with you.

  3. The information contained in this application is true and correct and you will notify CMC Markets if the information contained in this application including your contact details materially changes or ceases to be correct.

  4. You acknowledge that you are authorised to trade all CMC Markets’ Products as outlined in the CMC Markets Documents.

  5. You agree that you have given consideration to your objectives, financial situation and needs, and the significant risks of loss which accompany the prospects of profit associated with dealing in CMC Markets’ Products, and you have formed the opinion that dealing in CMC Markets’ Products is suitable for your circumstances and purposes.

  6. You understand and agree that CMC Markets may vary, update or replace the CMC Markets Documents at any time by posting a notice and/or supplementary or new CMC Markets Documents on CMC Markets’ website. We will notify you when we vary, update or replace the CMC Markets Documents if we are required to do so by law.

  7. You acknowledge that you were provided with the opportunity to obtain independent legal and financial advice by CMC Markets, and you have obtained appropriate and sufficient advice, or have elected not to obtain advice, concerning the CMC Markets Documents.

  8. You acknowledge that your personal information will be handled in accordance with CMC Markets’ Privacy Statement and you consent to CMC Markets collecting, maintaining, using and disclosing personal information about you and provided by you or by another person.

  9. By entering your driving licence information in Step 2, you have agreed to CMC Markets passing certain information entered by you to Veda Advantage in order to perform a credit check for the purpose of electronically verifying your identity and residential address. Veda Advantage will provide us with information about you and may retain the information we provide to update its credit reporting database. We do not take into account your credit score when processing your application.

  10. I agree and understand that CMC Markets can contact me by email or phone in connection with my application to ensure that I am aware of all the services available to me or for other marketing purposes. I understand that I can opt out of education and marketing communications at any time after my application has been submitted.

As you have not selected an acceptable accredited investor declaration we are unable to allow you to proceed with your application. Please review your application to ensure your lack of declaration is accurate.

Some fields have not been completed or contain errors.

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